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Support A Place to Bark

One of the hardest working rescues we know is  A Place to Barkthe work they have done – for many years – has saved the lives of numerous animals. They are truly a giving organization that puts the animals first.

When the Paws see an opportunity to help and support the rescue community they jump to share the information. A Place to Bark is currently running a ‘hoodie’ fundraiser. They’re working to sell 100 hoodies to raise funds for animal transport, vet care, feeding and operational costs.

As of this posting they had sold 72 hoodies with 3 days left in the fundraiser. Let’s help them sell those last 28 hoodies!



Let’s Sell 100 Hoodies So We Can
SAVE As Many Homeless Pets As We Can!

I’m the proud owner of a long sleeve t-shirt from A Place to Bark, join the team with your own hoodie.

I invite you to learn more about A Place to Bark and founder Bernie Berlin.