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A dog a day… Murphy and Judy

Todays’s dog are a couple of senior pups that need a new home. These two dogs are in the Denver, CO area with The Little Old Dog Sanctuary.

The kind folks at The Little Old Dog Sanctuary are are trying to help a woman find homes for her mother-in-law’s dogs (she recently passed away). The son and daughter-in-law live in an apartment and are not allowed to have pets.

Here is what she the woman said about these two sweet dogs:

“My mother-in-law passed a few days ago and I’ve been trying to place her two dogs: Judy and Murphy. Judy is a 13/14 year old Shih Tzu and Murphy is a 8/9 Lhasa Apso. They have been together their whole lives and would be better if they are not separated.

They are very friendly, she is adorable and still runs and plays at her old age. Murphy is shy and doesn’t play fetch, but he’s a sweet dog that loves to be close to you and is looking for some care. They are indoor dogs, they don’t like to spend too much time outside. They have some health issues, no records available. Judy has some small bumps around her body, covered by her fur and Murphy has a hernia on his abdomen. We were only able to afford Rabies shots for them. Hope to find a good heart that can take care of these two senior dogs.”


If you are interested, please send The Little Old Dog Sanctuary a message and they get you in touch with the family. If you can’t adopt, please share this post. Thank you for helping the seniors!

You can reach The Little Old Dog Sanctuary at: littleolddog@gmail.com


Please network and share Murphy and Judy using the hashtag #aDogaDay.