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Tongue Tied Tuesday from an Angel With Paws

This Tongue Tied Tuesday brings you Dallas, the angel behind our Angel With Paws Tounge Tied Tuesdaymovement.

Dallas loved getting dressed up in her bandanas, that meant company was coming or we were going on an adventure. She also loved celebrating with her family.

Here she’s enjoying a special dog birthday cake complete with instant mashed potato icing.



‘The Girls’

As the story begins, I’d like to introduce you to other members of An Angel With Paws team… this is Riley and Gabbi. the Girls

Riley is Yellow Lab with special needs, I adopted her from the Northern California Lab Rescue in September of 2010. Riley has Canine Atopy; she’s on daily medication, gets frequent baths and will never have the typical thick coat of a Lab. But that doesn’t stop her from being a a happy, loving, 80 pound snuggle bunny. We call her Riley the Wonder Dog.

Gabbi Girl is one of the lucky ones, she has been loved and cherished from the start. She is a feisty, 11 pound girl that thinks she’s a BIG dog.

‘ The Girls ‘ wish you all a warm Angel Paws welcome.


The journey begins…

Angel PawsToday I put pen to paper on a journey that started for me many years ago, the day I rescued a Golden Retriever named Dallas. She flew home with me to California after a business trip to Charleston, South Carolina and was my angel for nearly 16 years.

In her honor I’m starting  An Angel With Paws. Today we’re a small team (just me an my angel) working to promote animal well-being. Someday I hope we grow into a full fledged animal rescue and sanctuary (think A Place to Bark) but today we start small and set the journey in motion.

This post marks the ”formal start’ for  An Angel With Paws but believe me this day has been a long time coming. I have dreams and ideas, hopes and ambitions, goals I’d like to accomplish and so much to learn on how best to help animals.

I’ll share a few of the goals I’d like to accomplish on this journey and welcome your thoughts and ideas as well. Here at  An Angel With Paws were going to work to…

  • Educate the public on why it’s important to have your pets spayed and neutered
  • Share resources on affordable spay and neuter clinics
  • Promote fostering of shelter pets
  • Network shelter pets for adoption and rescue
  • Stop puppy mills and the sale of cats and dogs at pet stores, adopt don’t shop
  • Disrupt the kill shelter process

Long and ambitious list I know, but you have to start someplace and have your goals in mind. I hope to join others working in the rescue community, learn from them, contribute and become a voice that promotes animal well-being.

I invite you to join me on this journey, please share your suggestions, experience, advice and ideas. I know this sounds cliche but I think it’s very true… it does take a village.

Dallas was truly a special angel and it’s my hope that as  An Angel With Paws grows, together she and I can help animals .